Lull before the storm

Well it’s 1am, and quiet . I have always loved the witching hour for this reason. New album pressed in Australia, and being done in the USA. Sydney launch is this weekend, then it’s all ,systems go. USA tour, east coast shows then Tamworth 2013. Had a look at the first cut of the video for our first single and it looks great. More to do , but the signs are positive. I hope this one gets a better run on the Aussie CMC. It feels good to finally have a new record to push. Website changes should be up and running focusing on all the new stuff, so fingers crossed freddy! Looking forward to Texas with new guitarist John Wardle and of course Simon Spoons Wale on sticks. One day we might even get Dodge Dave to the Lone Star State! For this tour we are using the Tower of Power, John Duer on bass. After his performance with me at this years SXSW, I know the shows will be great. So much freaking out goes into this . I know they say don’t sweat the small stuff, but this always feels big to me. Thanks to all the band members . And to Daniel Parise for the album art. To Cameron Glendinning and Tony Leach for the video. To David Turner for being a rock behind this band. To Tommy Detamore for producing this record, Texas Style, and playing the best pedal steel I have ever heard. The more I listen to this record , the more I like it. Grateful I got to record it in Texas with my friends over there, and all the Aussies at home. beat now Time to call it a day, and get ready to throw the dice one more time.