Family Man


Family Man is the second single from Chucks Wagon’s third studio album, I Play Country. Chuck Stokes missed Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2011 due to the birth of his son Marshal, falling to close for comfort. As all the folks kicked up their heals at the Australian premier country music festival, Chuck and his lovely wife Jen gave birth to Marshal Alan Stokes, a 10lb 2 oz big bopper. After the birth Jen got an infection that nearly took her life. This song is what country is all about, real people and life on life terms. She made it through and now years later with a second child keeping them awake at night, this song is a reminder to them, and for others who have had those dark family moments, that sometimes, love does get you through. Recorded in Texas, with producer Tommy Detamore, and mastered by Australia’s mighty Don Bartley, this could be Chucks Wagon’s finest moment.
This single also marks the slowing down of the Wagon for a while. Being gifted two beautiful young boys, the focus has changed for Chuck. “I can fully understand how Garth Brooks stopped playing, to be a Family Man!”
So, Chucks Wagon will tour up till Tamworth 2014, promote Family Man and then the Wagon goes into the Barn, for some well earned rest, and I’m sure we have not heard the end from Chuck Stokes.