Life , Death and Taxes…

Well for the first time in 7 years, I have had to say no to touring Texas, last week I cancelled the tour I had booked, and have chosen to stay close to my Father, as he is gravely ill and has not long for this world. It was Easter this year when we were on tour down the South Coast, that mum rang me and said Dad;s collapsed, and he has not really ever made it out of hospital. Major heart surgery, with some complications , lead to a stroke, constant falling has eventually broken his hip, and now there is an infection he cant shake. The only real blessing came when they released him the day before his 60th wedding anniversary, and he celebrated it at home with mum and family, but falling and hurting himself put him in a week latter. I have had a long time to work out any issues I ever had with my father, so just being able to visit, hold his hand, and be there, has been a simple journey of saying goodbye , and sharing all my gratitude for the life he provided for us.

I have been in the same boat of late. I have two wonderful boys, and have had to take a day job to pay back loans I took on the band, and all the taxes I avoided to keep the band on the road and put out albums and film clips, but the Tax man has come calling now, so it’s been time to pay up, and provide also for this gift which is my Family. My mother stayed home to raise me and my sister, and Dad worked, it was her choice, she returned to work, when we were both at school, and she even got a job at the school, so she could be there to drop us off and pick us up. I am very grateful for that time I got with my mum, and I see my boys in that magic relationship now, just how happy and secure they are. I can see it wears Jen out at times, but I don’t think she would change it for the world.

It has meant I have had to cut the down the amount of shows I have been doing, and that has been hard, every time I stop playing, I always feel as though it might dry up, then we got the Musicoz nomination for I Play Country as a Video and Miss Texas Tonight as a Country song. I have no idea what is going to happen here, maybe something, maybe nothing, but it sure felt good to be acknowledged. It would be great if people voted for it, I will put the link in at the end.

This weekend I head to Melbourne to do some solo shows with Den Hanrahan, he has been playing guitar of late with the Wagon, and having him on board has made playing music fun again, I lost that under the pressure of trying to get the new album finished and out there, and hopefully noticed. After Tamworth the band fell apart for the tenth time, but that was along time ago now, and things have moved on. 

I will get back to Texas, that’s for sure, sooner rather than latter, I still see myself living there, San Antonio, or San Marcos, going to Riley’s Tavern on a Friday night, eating Rib’s at the County Line, Sam’s Burger Joint, Beethoven’s on a First Friday for some tunes and some good German sausage. Seeing he Hickiods get weird, any time is the right time for that.

Recently I downloaded Charlie Robison Live at Billy Bobs, what a cracker of a record. Randy Rogers new record Trouble is also simply brilliant. I still drive to work listening to James McMurty’s Choctaw Bingo, or streaming live radio from New Braunfel’s Texas. I cant tell you how much I miss being able to see it live.

So between now and Christmas, its support the family, pay the Taxman, and get ready for Tamworth. Solo shows will be fun, and lets hope that I Play Country gets a few votes, 

See you on the road my friends…Image