Ragged Edge of Rock and Roll….


Well its Saturday night of the Australia Day weekend, the CMAA awards are on, and I’m at home, the boys are all tucked up in bed, even wrote  another song today, that’s two since Christmas. My writing partner was my son Marshal, he was dressed as the Blue Wiggle, apparently, I’m the Brown Wiggle ( Yes, I know, there is no Brown Wiggle! You tell him that.) In-spite of the fact our couch was the Big Red Car Train, ( Thomas and the Wiggles ride together in our house), the song turned out all right. Congratulations to Luke O’sShea for another Golden Guitar

Beautiful man and his.six string machine.


Tamworth nearly didn’t happen at all this year,as booking took place when the old man was really ill, and even two weeks out I wasn’t set on my lineup, but knew I needed something big to happen. Even if it was just for my own heart. Live music, when people stand and deliver, really only happens when there’s an air of danger lurking about. When in our case four men come together, and they have something to leave on the stage, something that matters. Tamworth can be a car wreck of a place where people just go through the motions, and as the week goes on and they get more pissed, and more hungover, and start to break down, somehow expecting the audience should just accept it as a badge of honor, well personally I think that is Bullshit If a punter has made their way to the front of your stage, you surely owe them more than that. I have played there with no voice, that’s true, but have never not given my all, everything that was in the tank.


Well this year with Den Hanrahan being with me since last Tamworth, and no one plays with more heart than this guy, and Dodge Dave Harding on the bottom end, it was the drummers stool that once again bothered me. I made a big call two weeks out and left behind Henry who had worked with me all year,  there was no Danger, great guy, never stopped having a go, but no lives could have been lost to the raged edge of Rock and Roll with him there. So the call went out, answered by none other than Scotty Dogg. From the first song at The Albert he was on it, we even played Last Song About Girls, no rehearsal, and slayed it, this is just my perspective, just how I felt, but right now, here , alone, after listening to the Blues all night and watching how the other half lived in Tamworth , it’s all I have. That and the dream for this year.

God I came close to giving up, closer than I have before. This Rock and Roll Fantasy has haunted me sine I first won a pair of Radio Head phones off a G.I,. Cordial bottle when I was in Primary school. I was trying to describe to my wife that it’s impossible for me to be just a punter at any show, I always want to be out there. Don’t get me wrong, I have Springsteen tickets and  I will rock out, I love High Hopes, Wrecking Ball, Man he has written these in his 60’s!

So, this year, with this new line up, something , anything might happen, I am working on songs, I have  new band with Hank in the wings, Warning my first band is reforming, I have two film clips/ singles to come off I Play Country, and I have a Live in Austin Texas full band album in the can for Mastering. The Howling Buzzard reckons we should hit Texas again, he has some guys, I have some Guys, wants me to make sure Hank gets there, man, it’s look classy San Diego.

So 2014 , I put you on notice, and by Australia Day 2015, I will have High Hopes, High Hopes indeed. This Dreamer isn’t done yet, it might have been close, but as Rocky said in Rocky 5, ” Its not how many times that you get knocked down that counts, it’s how many times you get back up!”






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