You play because you can not not play…..

In 2007 I toured Texas for the first time, solo, it was crazy really. I still remember being picked up by a then stranger Jeff Smith from the Hickiods and Saustex Media , who then drove me and some buddies up to Austin to play Headhunters Atomic Honky Tonk Showcase. I was freaking out, drinking a litre can of Rockstar full strength probably didn’t help. The Preacher, Phillip Van Rooyen, from CHICKENSTONES was with me. He just just reminded to get grateful, cause I was playing original music In AUSTIN TEXAS!!!!!!!! He was right, and I didn’t look back, Jeff had booked me 16 shows that first tour, and the trip, its inspiration, and the songs I started writing changed me for ever. My love affair with Texas, San Antonio, The Hill Country, and the bands I was introduced to have blown my mind. Randy Rogers Band, Bruce Robison and Charlie Robison,George George Strait ,Jack Ingram ,The Turnpike Troubadours Robert Earl Keen,Sam Baker , Townes Van Zant, not to mention just hanging out in Steve Earles home state, and getting to met him on that first trip was pretty incredible. I have always been to passionate about the music I actually like to be to worried about what someone thinks about what I like. All of the above guys just sum Texas Country Rock up for me, You add Band of Heathens, Micky and the MotorcarsCody CanadaThe DepartedWade Bowen to the mix, and man, your stereo would be happy for a long while. There are plenty more to mention here. 
Tonight I am sitting here coming out of a coma that I’ve been in most of the year. After losing my Father last year, and learning how to be a father for the second time this year, well ,that has taken its toll, and I needed to focus and getting some band bills under control for the first time in a long time has kept mainly of the stage . In saying that , last week, Simon Wale sat back in on drums, Dave Harding held down the bottom end, and then there was only me, on guitar, Harmonica and vocals. It was simple, but it felt good, just play the song, let it speak for itself. This could be the way forward for awhile. I cant stay in hiatus for to long, I will go crazy. It was awesome having Simon in the drivers seat again, good man, great drummer, lots of fun having the band back together.
Tonight I spoke to a farmer, wonderful man called Robert Allan. I met him in a milking shed up the Hunter, as my manager brokered a deal. Robert was loaning us the money to make the Black Road Film clip, Long story short, I am still honoring that commitment, but its taken longer than I wanted. Music is a fickle business. You do it sometimes , because you can not not do it. I am glad we took that loan, cause it funded Black Road. A fine film clip Produced by Alex Alex Wilplingero Weltlinger , shot by Sidat de Silva, and directed by the mighty Mike Conway . Chucks Wagon has been the ride of my life. I didn’t get to Texas last year, but I think this year I am going back, need to put a band together, and release the Live from Roadhouse Rags-ELECTRIC Album,which is in the can and I might need to give Don Bartley a call, the Master Masterer!, to finish the job.
So On a night when I cant get Texas, Music and the road out of my mind, here is the road that started it for me, Black Road……